Can I make my laptop use less energy throughout the day?



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    Most laptops (especially newer ones) have power management options, so you can lower the brightness, turn off Bluetooth or your webcam if you’re not using them, and set options for when the monitor turns off or the computer hibernates. Slight tweaks here and there will save your computer a lot of energy and you won’t have to charge as often.

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    Most laptops have an “energy saver” option. Click on the battery icon and select “power options” (or its equivalent). Then select the option for minimal power usage. Other ways to reduce the amount of power your laptop uses include unplugging devices which are not in use, dimming the monitor screen, and fully charing your battery between uses.

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    Lowering the brightness of the screen and volume of the speakers, not running unnecessary programs, and using screen savers or sleep modes when not in use will all help conserve battery energy. If you find yourself constantly needing to charge your battery throughout the day, you could possibly need a new battery.

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    yes if you have a model made around 2000-2011 im pretty sure that you will be able adjust brightness power managment and other things to make your computer use less energy

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