Can I make my cell phone use less energy?



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    Yes. Apps and games use a lot of energy, so by not using those, you are conserving your battery. Also, don’t leave your cell phone plugged into the charger overnight. Instead, unplug it once it is done charging, because the cell phone continues to siphons wattage from the outlet after it is done charging if you leave it plugged in.

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    If you have an Iphone, then I have a great product for you. Novothink just released an Ipod touch/Iphone case called surge. The surge is a solar panel case that wirlessly juices up your Iphone with good old renenwable, environmentally friendly solar power. It works whether the sun is shinning or its overcast out (obviously it works better if its a sunny day), and best of all its been certified by Apple so you know it will work.

    I just ordered one myself for my Ipod touch and would be happy to let you know how it works when I get it if you’re interested

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