Can I make beef jerky at home?



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    Yes, you can make homemade beef jerky with just a normal oven, or if you have a food dehydrator. There are a number of great recipes on the web for all sorts of jerky types–marinated, teriyaki, even venison or other kinds of jerkies. Most involve a long period of marination followed by cooking in the oven on a rack or shallow pan, some for many hours. The link I’m posting below corrals (no pun intended) 100+ beef jerky recipes that you can make at home. It’s fun and the results are very tasty.

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     Yes, in fact it is very simple: start with a lean cut of meat (youll have to trim the fat, so lean is a good idea), and add a shot of bourbon or whiskey to it after you choose the seasonings you would like (cayeanne, ginger, teriyaki sauce, pepper, salt etc). After you let it soak for a day or so in your fridge, you need to dehydrate it in your oven on its lowest setting on a cookie sheet or wire. Once it’s done just bag it and enjoy!

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    My dad used to make his own jerky with a smoker. No store bought jerky ever tasted as good as the stuff my dad used to make. I salivate just thinking about it! Check out the link below for directions on how to make jerky with a smoker at home. 

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    Sure can!  There’s tons of recipes on the net for it.  Here’s a few below:

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