Can I include old VHS videocasette and audiocassette tapes as part of the “plastics” recycling in my County pick-up?

I am decluttering and have LOTS of these old tapes. I hate to throw them away (i.e., wind up in the landfill), and I’m also not particularly interested in having to pay to mail them off somewhere (again, LOTS…). They ARE plastc, after all…



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    Call your local recycling center to see if they accept them before putting them with your other plastics.  If they don’t, you can use GreenDisk to recycle both videocassettes and audio tapes.  It costs money to do so, but perhaps you can call and negotiate something?  See the link below for more information.


    Edit:  Additionally, you can use to locate a local recycling center that will accept your tapes.

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