Can I grow coffee at my house?



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    It is possible to grow your own coffee tree at home, but you need to live somewhere with warm temperatures nearly year round. Coffee plants typically require a range of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. They can be grown in a pot indoors but should be moved outside when they reach maturity, as they can grow up to 40 feet. It usually takes about 6 years to produce a full yield of coffee beans.

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    According to, it is possible to grow coffee in your home if you live in an environment with the necessary conditions for the coffee cherry plant to thrive, such as living in a high-altitude environment or are willing to maintain an artificial growing environment carefully through artificial plant lighting. Consult your local plant nursery to inquire about the specific conditions of the soil in the area that you live in to see if it is viable for coffee cherry plant growth. If possible, start planting with a freshly picked coffee cherry. Good luck!

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