Can I get tax breaks for donating to green causes?



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    You can take a tax deduction for donations made to registered non-profit organizations. There are some exceptions, as for organizations that lobby extensively, or to foreign charities. You can deduct your donations provided you don’t get any good or service in return.

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    Yes. There are some tax breaks and tax credits available for donations to charitable institutions that have a focus on environmental issues. To know the exact amounts that you would get as a tax credit you would need to know which organizations you plan on donating to. You can also get tax credits for getting a more environmentally friendly car or for making green renovations to your home and appliances.

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    According to Forbes, other green tax breaks include: buying a hybrid, electric, or plug-in vehicle; riding mass transit; installing solar panels for electric power and hot water; using geothermal systems; powering a home with a wind turbine; riding a bike for your transportation needs; improving your home’s efficiency; and states and localities that invest in energy efficiency programs and renewables.

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