Can I get recycled dishware?



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    Yes. There are many places where you can purchase recycled dishware. Target does have a line of recycled dishware, but you can also check out these websites:!stmenu_template.main?

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    Many glasses, dishes, platters, etc. are available that are made from recycled glass, from sources like bottles to seaglass to recycled traffic lights! Check the link below to find some of these options. You may also want to consider tableware made from bamboo–while not recycled, it is a sustainable and durable wood with natural antibacterial properties, and is used to make many home products now including dishes and kitchen utensils. And check out the second link for some leads on cups, plates, and utensils made from recycled plastic, another eco-friendly alternative.

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    I tend to look for dishware at garage sales, the salvation army, and goodwill. You can also check out craigslist and freecycle for people trying to get rid of dishware instead of buying it new.

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    There is a big market for recycled dishware. Common ingredients include recycled glass, ceramics, and other materials. Here are a few links:,, Other chain places, such as Crate and Barrel, also often has recycled dishware.

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    There are some manufacturers that produce recycled dishware such as Lauren Becker’s Recycled Glassworks. Recycled Glassworks takes plate glass from windows, shelves, doors etc. that are usually excluded from most recycling programs and turns them into attractive plates. The Highbury Collection also offers dinnerware pieces made from recycled wine bottles, soda bottles, and other household glass items. These pieces are manufactured in Europe but are available on Lastly, Sarah Cihat makes recycled ceramic plates and dishware in bright colors with unique designs.

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