Can I get paid to recycle televisions?

Driving around town I have collected a number of televison sets and cathode ray tube monitors. I would like to know if I can make a business of this and earn additional income for my family.



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    Yes, you certainly can. The question is how much. Many websites are willing to buy old electronics to re-use them. Here’s a good guide to selling the old televisions:

    I’ve heard that Gazelle is a good website, but you might want to do some more research about which websites will give you the best deals.

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    You could also resell it it if it is still useful. Alternatively, you could donate it to a friend or family member. The Goodwill or Salvation Army would probably take it, as well.

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    Yes, there are multiple websites who will pay you to recycle your old TVs and electronics. The NY Times reported on Gazelle, a website that pays based on the condition of your electronics. Here is another list of websites that pay you to recycle. However, you should do your research and make sure that you aren’t being scammed, especially when recycling TVs, as some fake recycling scams have been reported in cities like Pittsburgh. Fake recycling companies can collect your old TVs and export them to developing nations instead of recycling them responsibly. 

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