Can i get a list of Green things to do for a whole summer period please?



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    A list like this could end up limitless!  There are the standard household starter projects: recycling, installing halogen or LED energy saver bulbs, installing rain-barrels to conserve on water, installing solar panels, using walking/biking/carpooling as a primary mode of transportation, volunteering with local green groups, composting, starting a garden, adding insulation to your home to maintain better energy efficiency, picking up trash when you see it, helping educate other citizens, donating clothes/furniture/books/movies to second hand stores, purchasing used/recycled projects, etc.

    For some project ideas you might also consult, and

    You can also embrace your inner-altruist by contacting charities in the area that might need a hand green-ing their location.

    Good luck!

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    The above answer is great! If you’re artsy, or want to be, there are some more things you can do:

    –buy used clothes rather than new ones, and redesign them to be trendy and cute

    –use old things, like keys that no one wants, to scrapbook, or make wind chimes, or even into funky jewelry

    –start a community garden, and teach others how to garden


    These are some of my favorites, anyway =)

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