Can I get government grants or other funding to make my home more energy-efficient?



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    The only grants I’m aware off that the U.S. government gives for energy efficiency are the energy efficiency and convservation block grants (EECBG), but there are given to local governments and communities not to individuals. As far as funding there are certain incentives and tax credits available for some energy efficiency projects. The website below has more information on these financing opportunities. Make sure to check the link for state government incentives as well; you may find more variety of funding here.

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    In the U.S. the federal government and many state or local governments have funding or tax credits available fore a number of home energy efficiency projects. The link below gives you more information about what things you can do to qualify for tax credits at the federal level, including $1,500 for efficient windows and insulation. And if you put in a geothermal HVAC, Solar or small wind turbine, you’d qualify for a 30% tax credit toward the purchase with no upper limit. You may also want to check with your local utility to see if they have any such programs.

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