Can I get an eco friendly alternative to most types of clothing?



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    Yes. There are many brands in the marketplace that now specialize in producing eco-friendly clothing. These clothes are available in a wide range of fashions and styles.

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    Hi there, I’m a clothing manufacturer and all our garments are very green 🙂 We make our clothes out of (micro) fleece which is partially made out of recycled water bottles. They’re all hand made in England. We re-use, reduce and recycled wherever we can eg. our tiny scraps of fleece are cut up to stuff our cushions, our address labels are the non-printed on end of rolls from a local manufacturer that would otherwise be thrown away, our bags are made out of recycled plastic and the list goes on 🙂

    Our thermal tops are so warm that they allow you to turn your heating down by 2 degrees saving you up to 20% of your heating fuel bill!

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    Yes, you can find wonderful fashion forward clothes at websites like There you can find links to websites where u can purchase items and find things you like while being environmentally friendly. 

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