can i get details of organic pesticides?

i am in the process of organizing a mktg. area for organically grown paddy varieties. Suggestions and help are welcome



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    There are organic pest controls for both indoor and outdoor uses.  Many organic pesticides are pest specific.  They use only natural ingredients or chemicals, many of which are found right in your own kitchen.  One of the most common forms of organic pesticides is garlic, either planted between rows in your garden or in powder form when mixed with water and applied to plants.  Garlic and neem oil are two of the most popular organic pesticides because they are easy to use and obtain, and also repel a wide variety of pests.  People who are interested in using organic pesticides should consider what pests they are trying to repel and what plants they are trying to protect before investing in a particular organic pesticide as there is much variation and some organic pesticides are made for specific purposes.

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    In addition to biological controls, (such as beneficial/predatory insects, horticultural and dormant oils), there is a line of products that are said to be organic. They are sold in almost any nursery and, if applied correctly and at the right time in a pest’s life cycle (this is crucial), they can be effective for some problems. 

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    One organic pesticide that I have used in the past is a vinegar and water mixture. It works on bugs and weeds if you have either of those problems.

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