Can I get any video games that would teach kids about environmental responsibility?



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    Power Up is a computer game that makes players save the imaginary planet Helios. The planet is on the verge of ecological destruction and players must carry out various missions. By supplying Helios with solar, wind, and water power children can learn engineering and science principles.

    It is free to download at:

    You can also find a long list of environmental computer games and their links at:


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    There is actually a fun online site that hosts games, videos, and other activities to teach children about the environment. EcoKids is a fun interactive site that couples learning with games. This is a really effective teaching method. There is also a site attached for teachers.

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    I can’t think of any video games that actively promote environmental responsibility while still being fun and worth playing. However, I can think of a couple video games that are set in very beautiful nature settings and could promote appreciation for the beauty of nature. These would be

    • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 
    • Shadow of the Colossus
    • Harvest Moon
    • Red Dead Redemption 

    And although it is not a video game, the Anime Movie “Princess Mononoke” is a very beautiful movie that has an underlying environmental responsibility message. The trailer for it can be seen here:

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    Flower for PS3 is fantastic. The game is downloadable for only $9.99. The game starts off by showing cityscapes and an apartment/house with potted plants sitting on a table near a window. By selecting different potted plants, gamers enter a world that is like a flower’s memory of nature. You control petals floating on the wind and make other flowers bloom by brushing against them with the wind/petals you control. As you do, the levels become more colorful and more flowers appear. The game’s scenery is incredible, as well as the soothing music that goes with it. 

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