Can I get all of the nutrition that I need from a vegan diet without taking vitamins?



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    With the exception of vitamin B12, it does appear possible that with some effort a healthy vegan diet can be crafted without the use of vitamin supplements. However, a vegan diet would benefit from the inclusion of supplements as a means of adding convenience even for things that can be obtained from non-animal sources but with greater difficulty, like zinc, iron and calcium.

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    It will be difficult. Vitamins B-12 and D will almost certianly need to be supplemented if you are eliminating dairy in addition to meat. Protein can be found in many vegan foods such as beans and peanuts. A daily multivitamin is helpful for almost any diet. Keep in mind that just because someone eats meat does not mean that they automatically get all the vitamins they need either.

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    It is possible for a healthy vegan diet to provide all the nutrition that one requires. Vitamin B 12 can be found in “certain yeast extracts, veggieburger mixes, breakfast cereals, vegetable margarines and soya milks.” Vitamin D can be had from the sun! And also “vegetable margarines, some soya milks and certain other foods which are fortified with the vitamin”.

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