Can I fill a pot with hot water from the tap and save energy boiling it?



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    No. While hot top water may take less time to boil than cold water, you should never cook with or drink hot tap water. According to the EPA, hot tap water tends to be contaminated with lead, because hot water dissolves contaminants from piping more readily than does cold water. Always let the water run cold before cooking or drinking. If you want to save energy, cover your pot or kettle when you boil. The cover will trap the steam and cause the water to heat more quickly.

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    Hot water won’t substitute boiling water.  What it might do is speed up the heating process, but only a little.  As was mentioned before, the quickest way to boil water over the stove is to cover it.  You can also microwave water to boil it, but that only works for certain recipes.

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