Can I eco-friendly and blow dry my hair?



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    There are several blow dryers that are considered eco-friendly because they cut down the time and energy used to dry your hair or they are made out of environmentally sound materials. The Elchim 5000 Da Vinci Ionic hair dryer is pricey, but has a filter cleaning system and says it cuts drying time in half. Others include the Go Green model by Rusk, made of 100% recycled materials and the Barbar Ceramic Eco 8000, which claims to cut 90% of your drying time.

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    Somewhat. Instead of blow drying your hair right after your shower, wait until your hair dries a bit before styling with a blow-drier. This way you can minimize the time you spend getting an awesome do. Try brushing your teeth and other hygenic activities. Make your blow-dry the last thing you do before you leave the house.

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