can I drink the milk after the expiration date?



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    If the milk has been refrigerated and doesn’t smell then it should be fine. Most milk is pasteurized, which means it is heated to kill harmful bacteria. Eventually milk breaks down and becomes rancid, but even sour milk isn’t that dangerous if you are healthy. 

    Mostly it’s a matter of personal taste. My brother would toss milk out well before the expiration date “to be safe” and I would be left sad when there was no more milk. Also, even I was more squeamish about expiration dates before I moved out and had to buy my own milk. Now, I stick to the sniff test.  

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    Depending on the method of storage, milk is generally fine for 3 to 7 days after the ‘sell by’ date. The University of Missouri State Extension Specialist for Food Safety has said, ‘milk held past the expiration date may be clotted and smell, but it is almost certainly safe – just as yogurt and buttermilk is.’ Other sources recommend against consuming obviously expired milk, but cooking with it is not uncommon.

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