can I donate my used running shoes to good will?



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    The Goodwill website does not explicitly state whether they accept used running shoes or not, call your local Goodwill to see if they do.  If not, there are other organizations that accept used running shoes, check out the link below to find out which ones do.

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    I have seen running shoes at Goodwill’s in my area. You may even want to check with a local homeless shelter or church who accepts donations.  Everyone needs shoes, if they just happen to be nice running shoes that’s a plus.  If you have any children’s gym shoes too.  PE classes require such shoes and low-income families have difficulty affording gym shoes since they are on the pricey side.    

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    I’ve seen used bras and underwear at Goodwill, so I doubt that they would reject running shoes, although you might want to check like lauren.justine suggested. If they don’t, you can recycle them through a program like Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe. Recycled shoes are used to make rubber surfaces, like tracks and gym floors and Nike uses them in parts of some of their new products.

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