can I do anything to my clothes to keep moths off of them?



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    You can of course use mothballs, but the most eco-friendly and least smelly way is to find some way to disrupt their life cycle. Go through your closets and put any clothes with natural fibers (cotton, wool) in a sealed airtight container. Place pheromone traps in the area, which will attract all the male moths. Also, to keep moths completely out of your house, make sure that any dry food (cereal, uncooked pasta, bread, crackers, beans, nuts, dog food, etc) is sealed in an airtight container and there are no dried flowers or fruit sitting out. This should keep moths from being attracted to your home.

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             One way to keep moths off your clothing is to to launder it before you store it: moths are more attracted to dirty clothes than clean ones. Ironing or freezing clothing can kill moths and larvae if you already have an infestation. Herbal moth-repelling sachets are available, and it is also possible to make your own. Herbal sachets are not only eco-friendly, they make your clothes smell much better than mothballs do. 

         Cedar is another natural way to repel moths, which is why people used to store their clothing in cedar chests. You can purchase blocks of cedar wood to hang in your closet. To maintain their effectiveness, sand them every once in a while. The only thing about cedar is that it doesn’t seem very eco-friendly to cut down trees just to repel moths when herbs can do the same job. 

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