Can I cut a worm in half and have two worms?



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    It’s true, this is possible. The worm will heal and will continue life as 2 separate worms. This is a defense mechanism. Cutting a worm in 2 is rather nasty though, I only do it if fishing and need to for the worm to fit on the hook. It’s also a good way to create more worms in your compost pile.

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    That depends on what you’re calling a worm. There is no single group of animals called worms, and the name can refer to many different phyla, which makes two “worms” be as distant as, say,  humans and insects.

    Now, about regeneration. Flatworms probably have the best ability here, as they can be cut up not just in half, but in as many as 279 pieces and each piece will grow into a complete animal. Some of the segmented worms can regenerate from a single segment, although that applies to the marine segmented worms rather than earthworms. It was shown that earthworms can theoretically grow into two live worms after getting cut in half. Leeches, which are also segmented worms, cannot do that. Roundworms and ribbon worms are not know for regenerative abilities either.

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