Can I cut the top of a cactus off and drink the milk?



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    In the southwest US, a milky juice can be found in a barrel cactus. If you cut the top off of a cactus and smash up the pulp within the plant, the cactus producs about a quart of milky juice.

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    Some survival manuals suggest slicing cactus pulp cut-off the top of the barrel cactus, then slicing, mashing, or squeezing the pulp. Do not to actually eat the pulp but, rather, discard it after sucking its juice.
    This milky juice is an exception to the general rule that milky juices or saps are poisonous. The water is slightly greenish but drinkable.

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    You can, but you will experience diarrhea that on the whole will dehydrate you, so don’t depend on barrel cactus juice out in the wilderness as a survival plan.

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