Can I change my diet to make my hair grow faster?



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    There is no sure-fire formula, dietary or otherwise, to generate or speed up hair growth, though plenty of people and firms out there are eager to try to convince you otherwise. The hair of a person in generally good health will probably not grow more than a maximum of 6 inches in a year. That being said, as hair is a protein, a diet that is strong in proteins is most likely to maximize the general health and growth rate of your hair. Calves’ livers, wheat germ, fish, eggs and yogurt have been suggested by some nutritionists, and Vitamin B and beta-carotene are also thought to be important. However, it is crucial that you discuss any major diet changes or potential dietary supplements (such as vitamin pills) with a doctor to make sure they are compatible with your overall health and especially that they do not pose risks with medication you may be taking or other treatments you may be receiving. Dietary supplements are not regulated as closely as food and drugs, and you should always beware of any product that claims to be a “magic bullet.”

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    One simple thing you could try is to start taking vitamin D everyday.  I’ve heard from multiple doctors that most people aren’t getting enough vitamin D.  Even people who work outside can be deficient because of the smoggy environment in which we live.  THIS ARTICLE spells out how a tiny change like beginning a vitamin D regimen could promote hair growth.  As always, check with your doc to be safe.

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