Can I buy ostrich eggs from anywhere?



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    Sure!  You might have to shop around though…ostrich eggs aren’t quite as readily available as chicken eggs.  Of course your best bet is a local ostrich farm, if you are able to find one within driving distance.  Otherwise, you can check with other local farmers markets or exotic game stores – sometimes even if farms don’t have ostriches they will sell eggs from another farm, or perhaps can point you in the right direction; and exotic game stores often sell ostrich meat, so there’s a chance they’ll know something about obtaining ostrich eggs.  And if you don’t have any success locally, there are farms in the US that sell ostrich eggs online.  Of course this means you don’t get to see the eggs before you buy them, they probably won’t be as fresh, and there’s always a chance they could get damaged in transit. 

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    My uncle used to work on an ostrich farm, and for some reason, my dad still has an ostrich egg that was given to him.  I’m about 105 lbs and the egg can hold my weight with no problem – they are incredibly strong and big!  I would imagine you could buy an egg from an ostrich farmer or perhaps even Amazon.  Flee markets are also a good bet – they always have goofy things like that!

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