Can I buy a hat made from recycled materials?



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    Even better than buying one, you can make your own hat from recycled plastic bags. Follow the second link for instructions.

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    There are various types of recycled hats that you can purchase. Recycled hats can be made of old sweaters, soda caps, recycled tarps, recycled rice bags along with other materials.

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    For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the brand, but I’ve seen displays in gas stations selling really hats made out of recycled material. They’re pretty tacky, but…the point is that YES, there are PLENTY of places that sell recycled hats.

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    These are some really popular hats that girls (and some guys) at school liked 🙂

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    Yes! Check out the Motivators website as they have some eco-friendly hats made from recycled materials. Also, check out Etsay! Helen’s Hats is a seller on Etsy and she makes adorable hats from recyled materials as well.

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