Can I breed night crawlers?



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    If by nightcrawlers you are referring to the worm, then yes you can. All you need is a large enough tub to pack a good 6 to 8 inches of moss. Pete moss and coconut coir are recommended for the bedding. Then you must spray this bedding with water. It should be saturated enough to allow several drops to fall when squeezed. You will also need a PH monitor as they need a level of acidity as well. The bedding is better if sprinkled with limestone. They also need a temperature of 55 to 78 degrees. If you feed them organic foods while avoiding meat and dairy as much as possible they should survive, thrive, and breed in your container. Tea bags, fruits rinds and peels, and coffee grinds are good food for them such as most compostables. 

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    Creating a compost heap is a great way to get rid of scraps and make a very cozy home for worms.  Hundreds of worms can be found in a single compost heap.  Compost heaps are good for the environment, great for creating fertile soil to use for gardening, and, in your case, a great place for worms to live.  You can pick out a few to put in the heap to start with or let nature do the work for you.

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