Can I boil a pot of water to add moisture to the air in my home?



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    Boiling a pot of water will indeed add moisture to the air in your home.  Try throwing some vanilla and spices in the pot to make it fragrant as well.  However, this is not entirely environmentally friendly, so if you’re already using a woodstove in the winter, put the water pot on that instead of using extra fuel to boil it stovetop.  Also, try leaving the door open a crack while you shower or bathe to let the steam escape into your house.  Take a towel into the shower with you too, and when you get out, drape it over a door or piece of water resistant furniture.  As it dries, the water will be absorbed into the air.  And don’t forget: water doesn’t need to be boiled to humidify the air!  Try placing decorative bowls of cool water around your home to maximize moisture and minimize impact. 

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