Can I adopt a mistreated race horse?



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    Yes!  There are several organizations dedicated to finding mistreated, old, or injured racehorses new homes.  To find a location near you, check out these websites:

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    A horse is a major responsibility, as is any pet.  It is very important to be a responsible animal owner and take into consideration the impact it will have on your life. Read books, consult animal experts, and talk to other people who have adopted horses.

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    Yes, there are some programs that offer you the ability to adopt abused racehorses. One organization, called the Days End Farm, takes in neglected and mistreated horses and tries to rehabilitate them. They are usually never able to fully recover to the point where they can be ridden again, but they are significantly helped and their lives improved. They are then put up for adoption, with the new owners screened excessively for competence. The Days End Farm reserves the right to take the horse back if they discover their new home is not suitable for the animal. Adopted animals that have been mistreated are a huge undertaking, but are well worth it to both you and the horse in the end.

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