Can hydrogen cars ever be cheaper than gasoline cars?



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    Discovery can make hydrogen cars cheaper than gasoline cars. Because science is searching about protection of nature. If hydrogen is taken from decomposition of water it have this property.

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    hydrogen power has a potential to be cheaper if production drop tremendously. The platinum catalyst, the carbon fiber lining encasing the hydrogen, and the fuel stacking increase the costs of creating hyrdogen cells for cars. Even if production costs cannot be lower than gasoline the inevitable long term investment benefits outweigh the instant benefits of gasoline.

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    Not if you are using electrolysis to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen. The problem with hydrogen power is that way too much energy is lost as heat while the electricity is being used to split the water. There is some research into using algae to split the water, and that could work if we want to use hydrogen to power cars for longer distances. however, a battery electric vehicle is much more efficient because converting the electricity into a portable form and then pulling it out to use again is a much simpler process. With batteries, you are simply moving electrons from one place to another, not trying to split covalent bonds between atoms.

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