can a hummingbird survive with cobweb on it

Last night a hummingbird flew into our garage. After many attempts to help it (we hung a feeder close to the door, brought in a favorite hanging basket of flowers, tried catching it with a net) we finally tried turning off all the lights and with a flashlight tried to get it to fly to the floor. The bird hovered down the corner of the garage and got caught in a big cobweb. I got the bird out of the web, removed as much of the web as possible, and then it rested in my open palm before flying away outside (far away from the garage). It was dark outside so I don’t know if it made it to the safety of the woods or if it was okay.) Also, it drank out of the feeder a couple of times, so hopefully it did ot suffer from dehydration.



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    Hummingbirds actually make their nests with cobweb – they use it as a glueing agent to hold the nest together.  Given that fact, it seems likely to me that hummingbirds spent a good portion of their lives with at least a little bit of cobweb stuck to their feathers.  As long as the cobweb isn’t clogging its breathing passages, I think your garage guest should be doing just fine.  

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