Can humans live on rice alone?



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    You would be able to stay alive on rice for a while, but the body would be lacking in necessary nutrition, which overtime would begin to deteriorate the body’s systems. Rice is mostly just carbohydrates, which can sustain the body’s basic energy needs, but without vitamins and minerals the physiological systems will stop working eventually.

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    Almost, but not quite. Rice has both protein and carbohydrates in sufficient amounts. But, you definitely need some other important vitamins which can only be gotten from eating fruits and vegetables (and legumes, or nuts also provide vitamins) — the most important vitamins that rice lacks are A, C, D, E and K.  You can get all of these from eating carrots (A), oranges (C), broccoli / almonds (E), and leafy greens (K) — and you can get vitamin D from milk. 

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      I never knew rice was a source of protein, is it even close to being comparable to chicken?

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      No, it is not even close to chicken (or beans) when it comes to protein content, but there definitely is some in there: see this link: — it says in a serving of rice there is 6 grams of protein (and like 80 gs of carbs)… so this must be a large portion. (I think I saw a bar graph of it one time and it was just below 10 percent protein, the rest is mainly carbohydrate, as there is like no fat in rice).

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