Can humans eat sap?



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    That depends on the particular sap that you are interested in eating. Maple trees have edible sap, and you can find it sold in most grocery stores. Real maple syrup is more expensive than the maple-flavored corn syrup that most people put on their pancakes, so look carefully at what you are buying if you are interested in tasting real maple syrup.

    Some trees, such as Oleander, have toxic sap that you should not eat. If you have a tree in your back yard and are curious as to whether or not you can eat its sap, I recommend first identifying the type of tree and then finding out whether or not the sap is toxic.

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    Pine sap is somewhat edible.  Certain types of pine sap may partially dried and can be quite a pleasant chewing gum.  This is a great way to partially ward off hunger when on a hike.  You may also get a bit of vitamin C from this, certainly from the Eastern White Pine.  I have tried this with pine species in the mountain regions of Oregon.  However, some pine sap does coat your teeth, so I would take a conservative approach with this.   

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