can humans eat pine cones?



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    No, but if you heat them enough, you will reveal the “pine nuts,” which are the only edible portion of the pine cone.

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    Pine nuts are the edible seeds of pine cones. In North America, pine nuts come from Colorado Pinyon, Single-leaf Pinyon, and Mexican Pinyon trees. The actual pine cones are not edible.

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    Pine cones are not edible, but pine nuts are. Around 20 different species of pine trees produce pine cones with seeds that are large enough to be eaten. Despite being edible, pine nuts can cause people to experience a taste that has been described as bitter and metallic that begins 1-3 days after eating the pine nuts. It can last for days or even weeks.

    Pine needles can also be eaten. White pine needles have a considerable amount of vitamin A and they have approximately 5 times as much vitamin C as lemons do.

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