Can humans eat acorns?



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    Yes. Acorns are edible and are not toxic to humans when ingested.

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    Yes, acorns are definitely edible. They are packed full of proteins and carbohydrates, and are plentiful as many different kinds of oak trees produce them.

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    Yes, they’re edible.  There’s even recipes using acorns available!  They require a special cooking process, though.  See below for more details.

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    It isn’t wise, however, to eat acorns as they are found upon the sidewalk, the way a chipmunk could. Raw acorns contain high concentrations of tannic acid, so their taste is bitter, and some varieties can in their raw state be toxic to humans. Even for the animals that eat acorns raw, the tannins in them can be irritating; for this reason, few animals eat acorns exclusively, and some acorn-eaters allow the nuts to soak for a time in water before they consume them. Processing acorns removes the tannic acid and makes them palatable. This starts with ripe acorns, those that have fallen from the tree of their own accord, or that fall readily with a light tap. Native Americans blanched the tannins from acorns by putting the shelled nuts in a bag, and letting the bag sit in the waters of a fast running stream. Boiling the nuts repeatedly, until the water no longer contains any trace of the brown tannic acid, accomplishes the same thing. The acorns can then be roasted just as other tree nuts are.

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