Can humans create a controlled volcanic eruption?



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    It is conceivable that hundreds or thousands of years in the future we might develop the technology to control volcanism, but we do not have it now in any form. It is possible that human activities around volcanoes can provoke volcanic activity, but there is spotty evidence to back up such claims.

    One means to control the flow of the lava is digging channels to direct the lava to a non-populated area. People have been doing this for as long as they have lived around volcanoes, and it is still done today. At the same time, that isn’t controlling the eruption, it’s just controlling how the lava will flow. As a semi-liquid, lava follows the path of least resistance. Also important, there is no good way to predict how a volcano will erupt. Some volcanoes, like Vesuvius, release massive pyroclastic flows, other volcanoes, like the ones in Hawaii, produce copious amounts of lava.

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