Can humans cause the end of the world?



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    are we not already? yes humans can cause the end of the world with such powerful weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear arms and toxic chemicals. it would be difficult to destroy the planet we live on itself and all life forms on it, but humankind is its own worst enemy. it is a very real potential that humans will render themselves extinct due to war or disturbances because of differing beliefs, and this would be the end of the world as we know it. it almost happened back in the 60s with the cuban missile crisis. 

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    I do not think we are causing the end of the world, we are causing the beginning of a new world — where people are more conscious of how their actions impact the earth and our own wellbeing (as well as others)! We are definitely doing damage to the earth, but it would take much more than we are doing right now to abruptly end life on this planet as we know it (like a nuclear war or a meteor crashing down — perhaps widespread disease)… we can save the day, though. I firmly believe in the good nature of most human beings and in our ability to adapt and evolve and make the necessary changes to protect ourselves and the future inhabitants of this perfect planet. We need to become more peaceful, we need to replace hate with love. And we need to see to it that we CARE ABOUT THE OTHER— enough so we do not ruin this world before it is time for billions of others to get to enjoy it! Think outside the box!

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