Can humans and whales communicate?



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    Whale song is the sound made by whales to communicate. However, humans have not been able to currently reproduce this sound. 

    The word “song” is used to describe the pattern of regular and predictable sounds made by some species of whales, notably the Humpback Whale.This is included with or in comparison with music, and male humpback whales have been described as “inveterate composers” of songs that are “‘strikingly similar’ to human musical traditions”.[

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    Killer whales in particular are very intelligent and have a variety of ways of communicating. Touch and Sonar sounds are two of the main ways killer whales communicate. 

    Humans and whales have been known to communicate in theme parks in particular. The ability to communicate is strong enough that whales like Shamu at Sea World can do tricks and perform for an audience. 


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