can a human take a bath with his iguana when its still tiny?



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    There are a great many things within the realm of human capability, so it is entirely feasible that one COULD bathe with their iguana, regardless of age or size.  However, if you intend on having a soak with your reptile, do make sure that you ease the fellow into the bathing routine gently.  Many iguanas don’t like water, and might go a little nutso on you if you just toss them in.  Furthermore, as iguanas are cold blooded, it is VERY important that you make sure the water is neither too hot nor too cold.  In fact, the water should be the same temperature as the iguana’s internal body temperature: between 29 and 32 degrees Celsius.  If your iguana resists the water, try pouring a little bit down his back first.  And finally, if the phone rings, or if you realize that you’ve left the oven on, do not leave your iguana alone in the tub.  He could drown, or the water could cool along with his internal body temperature.

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