Can human feces be used as fertilizer?

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    Yes!  Surprisingly to me, apparently human feces and urine is already being used as an organic fertilizer.  The human waste does need to be treated first to keep antibiotics and other medications out of it. 

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    I would imagine it depends on the diet of the person.  Pants tend to do bast with manure from herbivores, so if the person were a vegitarian it could work well. However, most people eat a lot of very unhealthy processed foods that wouldn’t help out a plant too much.

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    Untreated human feces should not be used as fertilizers, however, people have and continue to use it in farming.  Additionally when contaminated water is used for agricultural irrigation, there are serious risks, but some argue that the social and economic benefits of using untreated human wate to grow food – outweigh the health risks, especially if this is the only viable irrigation source to use.

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    Human fertilizer, also called “Humanure” or “Night Soil” was in common practice in ancient times, as well as in developing nations in the present day. It’s usually a last resort, as it is unhealthy and risky. Human waste is riddled with parasites and bacteria, moreso than that of other animals because our diets aren’t as healthy.

    Whether you are genuinely thinking about using human waste as fertilizer, or just curiously testing the limits of the Internet, I doubt you’ll produce enough fertilizer without several people chipping in (get it?). Nevertheless, there is a small subculture around the process of recycling human waste for agricultural purposes. Though I’ll bet that a good chunk of their 1,443 fans on facebook are kids in middle or high school.

    My opinion? As weird as I feel recommending one kind of feces for being “the good stuff,” I’d say just use the animal fertilizer. If you’re a farmer, you’ll find it’s probably just as free and easy to come by.

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    I doubt the feces from someone with a typical American diet would be very beneficial in regards to fertilizer. It really depends on the diet of the person to whom the feces belongs to. Since there are so many processed foods and artificial substances in many people’s daily diets, most people’s feces would not make good fertilizers.

    Feces that belongs to people with organic diets would make the best fertilizers.

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    Two examples of fecal fertilizers:

    1. Osmocote (pellet form)

    2. Milorganite (heat treated sewage from Milwaukee, WI)

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    Sure! I actually lived on an eco-village once that used its vegan residents’ feces for fertilizer on young trees and other plants. It’s a great idea, and a great way to reuse your waste in a very literal sense. I know our eco-community wasn’t the only one to try this practice.

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    A human who consumes a vegan diet is able to use his or her waste as fertilizer, but one who eats meat and dairy’s waste is considered “putrid”. Putrid waste cannot be used as fertilizer because of the rotting meat and dairy products it contains. Only those who have plant-based, dairy free diets can use their waste as fertilizer, which is why cow manure is so often used as plant fertilizer.

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