Can household cleaning products cause cancer?



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    Household cleaning products have been linked to breast cancer. In a study of 787 women, those who used the most household cleaning products had double the risk of breast cancer that those who used lower amounts had. Many of the cleaning agents out there have ingredients that are known to be mammary gland carcinogens in animals.

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    Yes, some household cleaning products are carcinogenic, including spray paint and paint strippers that contain Methylene chloride, some cosmetics, and some hair dyes.  

    “The risk for leukemia increases by four to seven times for children, ages 10 and under, whose parents use home or garden pesticides.”

    The link below contains a list of safety precautions to take at home to avoid carcinogens when using household cleaners.


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    Some household products, especially pesticides, aerosols, and some cosmetics, contain carcinogens. If you must use these products, wear a mask and work in a well-ventilated area. It is better for your health and for the environment to switch to organic gardening and eco-friendly household cleaners, and avoid bleach. Seventh Generation, Method, and Shaklee are all great brands of effective cleaners that do not contain carcinogens. Seventh Generation and Method products can be found in most grocery stores, and stores like Target. 

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