Can hot springs be used to make geothermal power plants?



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    Yes.  In California, the Coso Hot Springs are a source of geothermal energy.  We can drill holes into the ground so that pipes can be placed in to the hot water.  The steam comes up through the pipes.  Then, the steam goes into a special turbine that connects to a generator to make electricity.  The best part is that no fossil fuels are burned in order to create the steam.


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      …but of course, fossil fuels are burned to mine the iron, vanadium, manganese, rare earth elements, limestone, and other materials that build the pipes, turbines, and components of the plant, and to transport them, as well as to power the drills. For now, at least. It is of course correct that in the generation of electricity per se from geothermal sources no fossil fuels are burned. But such a plant is a long way from having no impact.

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      Very true! I was just thinking in terms of the electricity; like any of our new types of energy generating plants (wind, solar), we are definitely a long way from not using fossil fuels at all.

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