Can honeybees go extinct in our life time?



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    Honey bee population levels have been steadily declining for the past several decades.  While it may be difficult to determine exactly when honey bees are likely to go extinct, the below citations offer some good information on the environmental and economic impacts of what some are calling the 6th major extinction.

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    Yes, it is possible for honey bees in our life time. As you know many creatures have gone extinct. If the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder is not prevented and treated then the already declining population of honey bees just may become extinct.From 1971 to 2006, an estimate of half of the honey bees in the US have vanished.

    The depopulation of honey bees affects the environment. Humans and other creatures rely on honey bees for pollination. Without them there goes our fruits and vegetables. Albert Einstein once predicted that human extinction would soon follow after the extinction of bees. So don’t ignore Colony Collapse Disorder, the disorder is only too real. To find out more information about honey bees and how their population has drastically declined please watch the documentary “Vanishing of the  Bees”. Search it on google and the informative and inspirational documentary  is only $3.99 to watch. Also please visit

    and ask Maryam any questions you may have about honey bees.

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    It is possible but unlikely. Yes the population of honeybees have been declining but their are many honeybee farms so i would think that the honeybee farmers would take extra precations to make sure that the speceise doesn`t die off.

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