Can honey bees and silverfish co-exist?

I have a bee hive and have found silverfish inside the hive . This is the first time i have seen this and i am curious as to the effects this will have on my bees.



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    Silverfish eat all kinds of things, so you don’t want them inside the hive where they can eat honey, or the honeycombs. I’ve done beekeeping, although not recently, and as I remember, anything that’s not made by bees (or humans) inside a hive is bad. If silverfish are in your hive, be aware that it may be “weak” in some other way, so keep an eye on it.

    One particular company has this to say: “We recommend using our Dekko Silverfish packets and laying them around the hives to attract the silverfish away from the bee hives. Direct treatment on the hives may damage the bees and the honey.”

    So it sound like you need to keep pretty close watch. You don’t want the silverfish living long enough to go from the Dekko packets to the hive!

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