Can hippos swim fast?



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    Although hippos spend most of their time in water, adult hippos do not actually have the ability to swim.  They are observed to move at a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour, but this is accomplished by kicking off the ground with their hind legs.  Young hippos do possess buoyancy before they reach maturity and can swim to some extent.

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    A stated above, hippos cannot swim-in fact they can’t even float. Their bodies are so dense that in order to move around in water, they simply walk underwater. They can hold their breath for more than five minutes giving them ample time to slowly gallop along the riverbed.

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    To elaborate on this hippos travel around 5mph in the water.  This is quite fast compared to a human.  Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz averaged around 4.367/mph setting the world record in the 100meter in 1972.  In relation the sailfish can reach 68MPH in short distances.  That is 13 times faster than the hippo.

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    I believe that they can travel through water at about 5-10 miles an hour. They don’t really swim though they generally run along the bottom of the water. They are much faster out of water where they can run up to speeds of 30 MPH.

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