Can hermit crabs keep growing if they get bigger shells?



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    In the wild some hermit crabs can grow up to the size of a cantaloupes.  Depending on the species they do have growth limitations.  They do not grow to an infinite size.  

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    Hermit crabs grow naturally at steady rates, and they swap to newer, bigger shells out of necessity as a result of their growth. Depending on type (species) of hermit crab, some can be very picky about the shells they occupy. Some shells may be too big, which can inhibit a crab’s movement from place to place, and others may be too small, which prevent them from retreating. Essentially, a shell is a crab’s live-in RV. But it is also it’s only defense mechanism. Thus, hermit crabs will change shells many times throughout their lifetimes to best suit their needs during each interval.

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