Can urban planning help reduce the environmental impact of a city?



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    Most definitely.  The idea in this is that when progressive thinkers meet together to plan a city the sources of common pollutants can be reduced.  For example, EcoCity 2009, was a program to create cities that created less pollution and were also more efficient for the urban dweller.  Proper city planning would alleviate such issues as transportation, biodiversity, industry and economy.

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    Yes, absolutely. In some cases, simple decisions are being made when an area is being planned that help reduce the amount people need to drive because they can walk, bike, or take public transit to where they need to go. This has an effect right away in the amount of emissions they release from driving. Also, when more people live in urban areas, as opposed to in the suburbs where they are farther away from where they work, they will not need to spend so much time driving to work. This again helps curb emissions. There are many other decisions that can be made when planning for a city. Ecologically friendly materials can be used in the construction of buildings. Also, creating more green spaces in cities is very beneficial to the environment. Also, there is the possibility of including community gardens or agriculture in an urban area, which would also make it possible to reduce the amount of food being brought in from such a great distance.

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