Can music help people feel more connected to the environment?



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    Absolutely.  Especially group music that is performed outdoors.  Consider drum circles at the beach, or in the forest or even in your back yard.  The people seen here at Treasure Island are not only connecting with each other, but with nature and the environment.  Many instruments, especially drums can me made to mimic the sounds of nature (the rain stick) and in turn connect the listener to the environment.

    Even if “nature music” isn’t your thing, a song with lyrics pertaining to the environment might be a connection.  “Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell is a great example of a song that reminded people of the importance of the environment.

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    Yes, many artists have long been creating music about the environment and environmentalism, helping to raise awareness and spread concern.  Some famours artists with notable environmental songs are Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Willie Nelson and Neil Young.  Music fests such as FarmAid have also had major themes of environmentalism.

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    Sure!  Many artists focus on the environment or on environmental topics.  Other artists are also huge environmental supporters and may give some of the money that they make to charities.  Music is one of the best ways to feel connected to anything, and the environment is not an exception.

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    Music can help people feel more connected to anything.  I think there are certain types of music that would elicit feelings toward the environment (folk music would make me feel more natural, than, say progressive house), but that’s just me. 

    Also, think about people who go to sleep while listening to recordings of waves lapping at the shore or birds chirping.  It’s the music of nature.

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    I definitely think so. I think a lot of “nature” themed music seeks to do exactly that – shift people from their individual, self-centered frame of reference and towards an understanding that encompasses the world in which they live. I think a lot of traditional music already has a strong element of this – one example which has always struck me is the Kecak dance (below).

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    Hi there,

    The environment is a subject that is near to many people and the importance of reducing the effect of humans on the environment is undeniable. Music can greatly enhance a individual’s ability to remember things. Many concepts have been set to music in order to make them easier to remember. This can be a huge help when teaching anybody’s about environmental issues. Especially Children are more “accessible” when we use music to reach them.

    Some great example of environment friendly songs that I found on are Jack Johnson’s “Three R’s”, Bill Steele’s “Garbage, Garbage, Garbage”, the Banana Slug String Band’s “Dirt Made My Lunch” and Bill Oliver’s “Habitat” that educate us about environmental issues and help us remember the importance of reducing our impact on the environment as well.

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