Can religion help people be more environmentally friendly?



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    Yes it can. If one really believes that all the world and the living creatures there in are god’s creation and we were put here as stewards of that creation then it is our duty to protect it in his name. In fact there has even been a growth in religious groups that are taking and active role in push environmental issues. One impressive coalition is The National Religious Partnership, which includes Jewsih Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical groups. The formation of this group back in 1993 spurred this type of faith-based environmental activism.

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    Many Buddhists believe that all life is sacred as well as connected, so that harming nature is essentially harming oneself and all living beings.  The belief that worldly pleasures and goods do not bring true happiness leads people to live sustainably.  The appreciation of nature in Buddhism is very strong, and leads many people to live environmentally-friendly lives. 

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    Absolutely.  If a person finds faith and comfort in their religious traditions and rituals, then they will feel content.  They will love themselves, and wish to love everything and everyone else.  They will recognize that all of existence is sacred, and theoretically, will feel sensitive toward the needs of non-human forms of life.

    The downside is that some types of religions exist that are not embracing love, but are spreading fear.  This could create a person who has mistaken hatred for love, and is cold to the needs of every form of life, human or not.

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