Can having too much stuff in your refrigerator cause it to be less energy efficient?



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    The simple answer is yes. Every item in a refrigerator is “trying” to become the temperature of its surrounding environment. For every item in the refrigerator, the refrigerator needs more cooling power. This is the same principle as for the reason it takes longer to heat up 2 items in a microwave than it does just 1, but instead of heating we are using energy to make the surrounding air cooler.   

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    Actually, the answer is no. The original temperature of the item has no effect on the temperature and energy output of the refrigerator. Whereas with a microwave, the item needs to be heated up, and it may take longer to do so if there are two items – thus you leave the microwave on for a longer time, using up more energy. However, the refrigerator is constantly on, making this point moot. It is better to keep the fridge full. An empty fridge cycles frequently without any mass to hold the cold.

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