Can having dark window treatments help reduce your power bill?



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    Yes, they help insulate your house by keeping warm air in which cuts down on heating.  Heating uses 4 times more energy than cooling, so the energy saved just on heating is huge.  Additionally, reflective dark window treatments can reflect up to 90% of UV rays off of a structure which reduces the inside temperature significantly.  Window tinting companies claim tinting and films can reduce indoor heating via sunlight exposure by up to 80%.  Also, the government offers tax credits on window film and tinting.

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    Yes, they most definitely can.  It depends on what kind of covers you get to determine your actual cost savings, but they can make a difference.  There are many different types.  Below, a few examples:

    1. Window awnings: can reduce the heat gain in the summer up to 65% on South facing windows and 77% on West facing windows.  Choose a lighter color material for better reflection

    2. Energy efficient reflective window film: helps to block against the summer heat.  Unfortunately it also blocks solar heat in the winter but overall this is a good option because it prevents almost all UV light which protects wood and floors from fading

    3. Energy efficient mesh window screens: help to reduce heat gain in the summer, though they do not have any heat protection for the winter.  They are mounted on the outside frame of the window and cover the entire thing.

    4. Energy efficient window shutters: cover the whole window, provide insulation for winter and summer, and can be placed on the interior or exterior of the home

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