Can greywater be used to bathe, do dishes

water in our kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks is greasy



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    I don’t know why you’d want to use greywater for bathing or dishes. Like you said, it’s greasy. It can also have hair, skin particles, and many other impurities. It can be reused as toilet flushing water or irrigation water though. When irrigating, apply the water to the soil so that the greywater doesn’t come in contact with the plant.

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    While it would be admirable, and efficient, to consider using greywater, there are only a few purposes it’s appropriate for (and it’s at your discretion). I wouldn’t recommend greywater as a permanent and complete solution to wash dishes; however, you could soak dirty dishes in it prior to the final wash. Given that greywater is already-used water for bathing, it could conceivably be acceptable for use in that same purpose – although you’d have to be careful, as the water would get increasingly polluted and dirty. There are plenty of opportunities to recycle greywater without any human consideration, either: if you have plants, you can water them with it (although you need to be cognizant of chemicals, and it should never be used on edible crops). Overall, greywater is great for plants around the yard but potentially dangerous otherwise.

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    If you have greywater from laundry that wasn’t heavily soiled, I’d definitely recommend reusing it once, perhaps on a more dirty load of laundry. You can filter greywater with a slow sand filter and disinfect it with iodine or chlorine. I would consider bathing in water that had been treated this way, otherwise, I would not use greywater for health reasons.

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    Reusing greywater isn’t a bad idea at all and is actually done by a lot more people than one would think. While greywater may not be able to produce as clean a product as expected, you will be able to get any job done and rather efficiently. It is recommended only using greywater two times at the most. You do not want to risk spreading any bacteria to clean surfaces. I think you are fine using it.

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    There are many ways to utilize greywater for more direct applications. Here is a site that covers many issues and benefits of greywater use, as well as some ideas for assembling your own filtration system.


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